Works Department
Works Department
Works Department
  Odisha Bridge & Construction Corporation Limited
Major Achievements
Sl. No. Name of the Work Name of Deptt. Cost of the Project (Value of Work Done) Rs. In Lakhs Completion Period
76. New Construction, repair and renovation of S.D.H. building at Kuchinda O.S.H.D.P. Bhubaneswar 69.72 2005-06
77. Improvement and Renovation of Health Center, Guest house, old Senate hall, Zoolozy Deptt., computer laboratory and const. of 200 seated ladies, Central revalue hall Vanivihar, BBSR Utkal University 322.06 2009-10
78. Tosali Plaza B2 E.E.,BBSR (R&B)-I 421.61 2007-08
79. Tosali Plaza B1 E.E.,BBSR (R&B)-I 252.21 2008-09
80. Circle Jail at Choudwar (plt.I) Charbatia (R&B) Div. 81.35 1990-91
81. Circle Jail at Choudwar (plt.II) Charbatia (R&B)Div 77.87 1990-91
82. H.L. Bridge over river Sananai on PGR road (R.W.),Rayagada 240.62 2000-01
83. Construction of H.L.Bridge over river Lanth on Tukel Kantabanjhi road Bolangir (R.W.)Div 180.96 2003-04
84. H.L.Bridge over river Suktel on Patnagarh Dankipali road. Bolangir (R.W.)Div 161.30 2004-05
85. S.B. Ghosora Nallah-I on Kishore Nagar- Himtora road. Angul(R.W.)Div. 52.58 1996-97
86. Construction of Transit Accomodation Building, two Nos. Bridge, Range road at Chandipur,Balasore. Ministry of Defense 178.55 1989-90
87. Construction of Ist floor Sankruti Bhawan at Bhubaneswar R/F floors F/F (R&B), Bhubaneswar-III 61.17 2006-07
88. Construction of Six Ministers chamber and O.L.A Guest House at Bhubaneswar E.E.,BBSR (R&B)-I 202.40 2002-03
89. A.C. Homeopathic and Hospital building at unit-III,Bhubaneswar. E.E.,BBSR (R&B)-I 124.75 2008-09
90. Construction of 2nd and 3rd floor of mini offset printing press of Finance deptt. Secretariat Building, Bhubaneswar. E.E.,BBSR (R&B)-I 97.41 2005-06
Works Department
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Works Department
Works Department