Works Department
Works Department
Works Department
  Odisha Bridge & Construction Corporation Limited
 Major Achievements
Sl. No. Name of the Work Name of Deptt. Cost of the Project (Value of Work Done) Rs. In Lakhs Completion Period
16. Construction of R.O.B. at Satyanagar, Bhubaneswar. E.E. Bhubaneswar (R&B) Division. NO. III 292.86 95-96
17. Construction of R.O.B. at Bapujinagar, Bhubaneswar E.E. Bhubaneswar (R&B) Division. No. IV 305.08 95-96
18. Construction of H.L. Bridge over Kuakhai on Cuttack-Banki Road. (16 spans) E.E. Cuttack (R&B) Division 397.96 96.97
19. Extension to Kuakhai Bridge on Cuttack-Banki Road (9 snaps) E.E. Cuttack (R&B) Division 415.21 96-97
20. Construction of Balikuda side and Trisulia side approach including guide Bundha E.E. Cuttack (R&B) Division 327.18 96-97
21. Bridge over river Mahanadi on Sambalpur-Sonepur road. E.E. Balangir (R&B) Division 152.07 97-98
22. Construction of Bridge over river SONO on Remuna-Durgadeipur E.E. Balasore (R&B) Division 293.61 97-98
23. Construction of H.L. Bridge over river Sluktel near Juria on Patnagarh-Padampur Road. E.E. Kantibanji (R&B) Division 159.15 98-99
24. Construction of H.L. Bridge over river Safei at 67th K.M. on Sambalpur-Rourkela Road. (Balance work) E.E. Sambalpur (R&B) Division 144.61 2000-01
25. Construction of H.L. Bridge over river Bhargavi at Suando on Pattnaikia-Balpur Road E.E. Puri (R&B) Division 343.61 1999-2000
26. Improvement to Nayagarh-Daspalla Road. E.E. Khurda (R&B) Division 55.76 1999-2000
27. Bridge over river Gobari at Satbhaunighat on Kendrapara-Indupur Road. E.E. Kendrapara (R&B) Division 115.90 1999-2000
28. Improvement to road from Manpur to Duburi Chhaka from (7/4 K.M. to 11/05 K.M. and 12.95 K.M. to 15.00 K.M.)-PH-I E.E. Panikoili (R&B) Division 102.74 1999-2000
29. Construction of left approach to Brahmani Bridge over river Brahmani on DKL-Kamakhyanagar road. E.E. Dhenkanal (R&B) Division 115.06 1999-2000
30. Approach Road & C.D. work to ROB Jajpur Road (Balance work re-alloted at Panikoili & Keonjhar side. E.E. Panikoili (R&B) Division 194.99 2000-01
Works Department
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Works Department
Works Department