Works Department
Works Department
Works Department
  National Highways Wing
 Major Achievements
Organization: - 22 Nos of National Highways measuring of 4636.362 km in length traversed through the state of Odisha. Out of which 3048.386 km length of National Highways in Odisha (including 916.520 km length of  V-R corridor newly declared as NH) is under the control of NH wing of State PWD, and remaining 1462.326 km have been entrusted to National Highways Authority of India for improvement under GQ, Port connectivity and NHDP phase-III & Phase-IVB and balance 125.650 km length of newly declared NH ( 326A & 130C ) are yet to be entrusted to State Government by GOI.  Present lane configuration of NHs is given below
Single Lane: 172.133 km.
Intermediate Lane : 103.380 km
Double Lane : 2762.252 km ( Length includes work completed and in progress )
Four Lane : 8.1 km
Multi Lane : 2.521 km
 (275.513 km length of NHs is to be improved to tow lane standard)
Head of account Allocation (Rs in crore) Utilization (Rs in crore )
NH Original Works 240.00 234.53
Periodical Renewal Works 52.05 41.00
Flood Damage Repair 4.82 4.82
Ordinary Repair 11.81 11.81
Special Repair ( State) 49.52 49.52
Total 358.2 341.68
Widening to two Lane 51.7 km
Strengthening of existing pavement 16 km
Improvement of Riding quality 85 km
Periodical Renewal 124
Bridge works 4 Nos
Physical Targets for the year 2014-15
Programme Length  in km
Widening to four lane 4 km
Widening to two Lane under NH(O) 210 km
Widening with paved shoulder 22 km
Improvement of Riding quality 11.5 km
ROB near Chainpal on NH 23 1
Major/Minor Bridges 10 No
Works Department
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Works Department
Works Department