Works Department
Works Department
Works Department
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Sl. No. Name of the Test Unit Testing Charges in Rs. Remarks
3.11 Determination of Calcium Oxide in lime & Cement Per Test 4410.00
3.12 Determination of Magnesium Oxide in lime & Cement Per Test 5119.00
3.13 Determination of Sulphuric Anhydrade in Cement Per Test 1890.00
3.14 Determination of Insoluble residue in Cement Per Test 1890.00
3.15 Analysis of Cement Per Test 5513.00
3.16 Analysis of lime Per Test 9651.00
3.17 Determination of Total Soluble in soil (IS:2720, Pt.XX) Per Test 1339.00
3.18 Determination of Calcium Carbonate in Soil (I.S.2720 Pt.XXII) Per Test 1181.00
3.19 Determination of Organic matter in Soil (I.S.2720 Pt.XXII) Per Test 1225.00
Note:- 1. The aboveTesting Charges are applicable for all Laboratories of Works Department under the control of Chief Engineer, R.D & Q.P (R&B), Odisha.
2. All the Testing charges are exclusive of transportation cost of Machineries and Equipments as well as T.A, D.A of Testing personnel and expenditure relating to preparation of site for conducting tests in the field, whereever required.
3. Departmental Charges for works of other organisations (except (R&B) & N.H.) @ 20% to be charged extra over above testing charges.
Works Department
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Works Department
Works Department